Flea Videos and Films

The flea circus has lots of appearances in films. There has always been something slightly mysterious or sinister about flea circuses and this makes for some excellent drama. Of course often the fleas escape and this adds a comic element.

Flea Circus by Sculptor and installation artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Charley Bower's Flea brushes his teeth before going to sleep

Laurel and Hardy - The Chimp Laurel and Hardy - The Chimp

City of Lost Children's Spy Flea

Flea Circus Films

There several flea films and animations, some old and some even older.

Coming soon the animated Flea Show film from ACE Animation.

Fleas on Film and Television

Flea Documentaries

Animated Films

Mini Flea Animations

For videos of live flea circuses see our links to Other Flea Shows.

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