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Flea Circus Acts

The acts in the flea circus have varied over the years. Historical flea circuses have featured policitcal acts such as references to Napolean and Prince Bulcher riding on fleas with golden saddles or in the USA presidential candidates got a mention. Fleas dancing to music were also common as were fencing fleas.

Due to the nature of the fleas, acts often involving pulling things are common such as chariots, carriages or even a hearse. Drawing water from a well was also mentioned but I am not sure if there is significance to this.

If you want to get creative you could have your fleas pull each other in a carriage or wheelbarrow. You could also try having a flea jump though a hoop.

The acts have evolved since then and in modern "humbug" circuses the following are common, chariot racing, a carosel, tightrope walking, a high dive, firing from a cannon and football.

If you are looking for plans or parts to make your own flea circus then have a look on the suppliers page.

To find people who can perform these acts then look in the Flea Circus Performers directory.

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